Wednesday 5 October 2016

Disappointing excursions

Tried to make a run out to Cadomin, Alberta on September 3, 2016. It was not a success. Ran into rain, then rain mixed with snow. It was raining enough that it was a loss as an exploration trip. The gravel roads in the area were starting to get slick. Sometimes you have to know when to scrap a trip.

Cadomin is a nice little spot with a permanent population with a coal mine nearby. The goal was to get a few miles south of Cadomin to a coal mining ghost town called Mountain Park. That did not happen. Cadomin was a far as I got.

General store in Cadomin. Inside is a small cafe and liquor store.

I love running across stuff like this.

This is an out of the way place however people from all over manage to find it. There is a small table with six chairs with names on them. Some of the locals must get together on a regular basis and have their spots permanently reserved.

Since I did not get anything noteworthy from this trip I thought I would buy something from the store. The wine was priced right and it went well with the barbequed rib eye steak that evening. Some trips do have happy endings.


  1. I love those little country stores.

    I saw someone post some photos of Mountain Park and the decrepit rail line going up to it... it would be an interesting area to visit.

  2. I see you had the good taste to buy a vintage named after me, BW...


  3. No trip is wasted if you can take photos like that - love the low hanging clouds on the mountain! You can almost smell those pine trees and the fresh air! I like the old washboard hanging above the shelves, too.....

  4. Is Fat Bastard not a South African wine?? I'm sure we have a cellar with that name here... You should try some more wines from SA, they're good.... Henk from South Africa

    1. I think it is California. I like reds from Argentina and Chile. Not a big selection from South Africa here. I will look next time I am shopping.

  5. First photograph...Spectacular! Lifebouy advert....wonderful...Wine to go with dinner...Successful trip!

  6. Oh and I forgot...the Lettermans jackets and currency certainly get an honorable mention...I liked this post!