Monday 3 October 2016

St. Mary's Church September 3, 2016

Long abandoned Catholic Church north of Wildwood, Alberta on Township Road 544 just a bit west of Range Road 92. It is a small church. No information on it was available at the site. Unfortunate as it is a nice little piece of history. It has not been vandalized either.

This is right beside the entrance. Likely just a cover and not an actual grave.

Uniquely built church. This is inside near the altar.

This is looking from the door to the altar at the back.

Ceiling above the altar.

Look from the altar to the front of the church. There is a definite hole in the floor. There is no basement, the hole is only a foot deep.

The place is really in rough shape. 

The cemetery still sees some use.


  1. Rough indeed. Nice find, and I'm glad it isn't vandalized.

  2. Dovetails - love it! Great photographs once again, BW!