Thursday 13 October 2016

A few minutes in . . .

Esther, Alberta on October 8, 2016. Esther is a ghost town that can be viewed on Google Street View. I did a quick zip through and just took a few images of things that caught my eye. It was a cold day and windy. I did not stay long.

This is a skeleton of an old gas pump in a tree beside the garage.

I thought the truck had a sad look to it.

Of course anyone stopping here has to get a photo of the old grain elevator.


  1. I took the street view tour. That was fun. Not a very lively place, is it. But interesting. :)

  2. I still want to go. On a sunny summer day.

  3. Interesting pictures as always... the truck does look sad and I like the grain elevator. It has a eye catching shape.