Saturday 22 October 2016

New Brigden water tower

New Brigden, Alberta October 8, 2016. I have posted this before from a prior visit. The last time I was here the tower was damaged by a severe windstorm the very next day. It has been mainly fixed, there is some more work to do. These are kind of rare. This is an old water tank/tower for train engines. These would store water and fill steam train engines. I believe there are only two in Alberta that are on their original site. This one and the one in Heinsburg, Alberta. Foundations remain where they once stood beside rail lines. The rail companies did a great job of tearing things down when they abandoned rail lines. There is one of these is Glaslyn, Saskatchewan that I have to see one day.

The door was open so this is a look inside. The heavy supports are to support the water tank. There are supplies on the floor for more repairs and restoration. Tried to get more photos. I had to keep wiping snow off of the camera so I eventually gave up. 

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  1. At least you were able to peek inside! Always carry a plastic bag with 'ya for the camera on wet days(but don't store it in it - just shoot through the plastic)