Wednesday 19 October 2016

Netherhill School October 9, 2016

Abandoned school located in Netherhill, Saskatchewan. It had recently snowed and was very foggy. The ground was very wet and my runners were soaked in minutes (I am Canadian, I usually wear running shoes year round). A lot of old schools in rural Saskatchewan are like this. Now it is a home for birds.

A building like this has character and looks well built. I have seen one converted into a house. I am curious as to what the inside is like.


  1. You should be ASHAMED of yourself BW!!!

    Go down to Ukranian Tire and get some sewer boots...


  2. I love the look of that building! Stone and brick together is lovely. Great photos.

  3. It is a very handsome building... it would be a great property to rehab except for that basic tenet of real estate...location, location, location.

    Stay dry!

  4. Great building - almost looks like an old railroad station!