Thursday 13 October 2016

Veni. Vidi. Cepi. A Guest Post.

(My rival, henceforth known as Jenn from Sylvan Lake because that is her name and where she resides, has taken over the blog to do a post. Personally I think she might do the schoolhouse thing better than me.)

I am newer to the exploring game than BW, and truth be told I am usually following in his footsteps. I discover this after excitedly finding something only to see he’s been there already. So if I can’t beat him, I’ll take over his blog with a post on one of my favourite finds that HE HAS NOT FOUND YET. 

I have a fascination with finding old one room schoolhouses and their markers. I suppose that is how in this whole wide online world I managed to connect with BW . . . bringing the number of like-minded schoolhouse aficionados I’ve met to one!

This is a one of my favourite places and I stop whenever I go by. It’s sort of reassuring to know that it’s still there after all this time. It’s a wonderful example of a typical one room school house. This school was open from 1910 - 1955 and then served for a time as a community centre, like many schools did once the school division was disorganized. The attached teacherage was added in 1930. It can be found along a back road in Central Alberta, mostly obscured by trees and if you aren’t looking for it, it’s one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ circumstances. It looks like it hasn’t been used much at all in the last couple decades except for a few people that have left a ‘so and so was here’ message. Nice of them to keep it on the chalkboard. 

I came. I saw. I captured.


  1. That is just cool. I love the way the building is nestled back among the trees. And that the schoolroom hasn't been vandalized, but is pretty much intact. I won't choose between you. I am impressed by both.

  2. What a great find Jenn! Love the curtains and the drying rail around the stove. Did it have a cloak room or just nails on a wall to hang coats? There are lots of us out here who love to view what BW and you will find. Different pairs of eyes find things that the others may just not notice. Welcome! :o)

  3. hmpffffff!

    That's a top shelf find, Jenn, and a stellar first shot in a friendly professional rivalry! You had better up your game, BW! You have competition... :)