Monday 21 March 2016

Water Valley Stud Auction March 18, 2016

Time once again for the Water Valley Stud Auction held in the Water Valley Saloon in Water Valley, Alberta. This is actually more of a community fund raiser. I was here last year and only one horse was auctioned off for stud fees. I was going to be one of a party of five to attend this event. My cousin came down with the flu so that scratched her and her date. A friend of mine got called out to a job out of town in the opposite direction. My date was starting to suffer with the flu. I asked if she was alright and she insisted on going.

We arrived just before five and snagged the last table in the place. The food at the saloon is very good. I had the buffalo burger and I will be back to have it again.

I have been to Water Valley over ten times and I keep forgetting to ask if they really do have rooms available.

This is what it is all about.

What this is supposed to be all about.

Being a country auction you have to have a genuine country auctioneer. This is cowboy country.

Some of the live items. The cinnamon buns went for $55.00, the carrot cake for $70.00, the eggs for $50.00 to name a few items. The stud fees were valued at $600.00 and only went for $130.00. Good thing the horse was not around to hear what his services sold for.

One of the live items. I cannot remember what that went for.

Hay bales sold at live auction for $160.00.

My friend started bidding on this and dropped out when it hit $50.00. A dinner triangle is one of those items you probably buy and then wonder why you bought it.

I liked the name. I don't do yoga.

More items.

This was one of the live items. No one started the bid on two loaves of Irish Soda Bread. The bidding was per loaf. I started the bidding at $5.00 and managed to end the bidding at $5.00. So I held up two fingers to indicate I would take both. Someone that made the effort to bake bread was not going to have their contribution pass without any bids on my watch.

The live auction started at quarter after seven. We were three quarters of the way  through the live auction and my lady friend was looking less healthy. You were not supposed to pay until the live auction was finished. I managed to convince them to take my money and I got my one and only purchase, the bread. My friend made it out to the parking lot ahead of me. On my way out I got stopped by a very nice looking tipsy blonde in my age range. She was quite friendly and I think she would have liked a loaf of bread. If I had arrived as a solo act I think I might have had a very different ending to my evening. Both of my loaves stayed with me. My date made it home and I left for my home. I am looking forward to next year's auction.

In case anyone is wondering I did try the bread. It is very good and I sent an email to the address on the business card complimenting Catherine O'Toole on her baking.


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all! I do hope your date in none the worse for wear! You could possibly have a new prospect after your email thanking the baker, heck it could've even been the blonde on the way out the door! Hahaha...Anyway, great story, fun evening, and it sounds like you were rollin in the ahem....dough!

  2. Watch out for those tipsy blonde wimmins ... they're just after your "dough"! 'Hope your date is feeling better - looks like it was a good time. I bet you picked up some beer on the way home to go with that soda bread!

  3. looks like someone was ready to bid on your services.