Wednesday 23 March 2016

Nick's Service Shop, March 5, 2016

Saw this in Andrew, Alberta. One of those small town businesses that closed down some years back. A peek in the window shows someone is storing lawnmowers inside. I was passing through and had to stop for a look. Many years ago my grandfather had a small town business similar to this. My grandfather's place had a garage for vehicle repairs and gas pumps. 

The glass is missing off of this pump. I do not know if that was the last true price.


  1. Wow! Classic gas pumps! Don't see those anymore!

  2. Man, just what I am looking for. If it was not so $pensive and hard to bring my guns over...

  3. I remember the old gas stations...there are still a couple in TN, and the old gentleman still comes out in his overalls and asks if you want a fillup, cleans your windshield and back window while you wait....: ) Great thing about photographs...the memories they hold, and evoke.