Monday, 28 March 2016

Marble Canyon March 20, 2016

Just west of the British Columbia/Alberta border barely off Highway 93. It is five hundred meters from the parking lot to the canyon on a fantastic Saturday.

The path leading to the canyon. Hard packed snow. The trail is under about two to three feet of snow. This is looking south from the canyon. The destination is the other direction.

You can just make out the snow covered natural rock bridge traversing the canyon.

The canyon is not very wide. It is deep.

Right in the Rocky Mountains in Kootenay National Park.


  1. These are breathtaking...they make you want to see it in person! I want to walk across that bridge.

    1. I really need to go back when the snow is gone. Where I live there is no snow, the Parks are about two hours away and there is a fair amount of snow. With this mild March we are having it is throwing me off expecting some spots to be snow free.

  2. Beautiful, BW!! Snow-capped mountain tops!

  3. I bet it's awesome in person. The pictures are great but can't capture being there with all your senses. :)