Tuesday 1 March 2016

The stark prairie post

A winter drive near Jenner, Alberta February 27, 2016. You do not see many trees on the open prairie. Those you do see remind you of the stark loneliness of some places. Behind it is an old rail line.

I do not like this time of year. It is the grey area between winter and spring. Backroads are soft killing off any rural road trips. This day it rained. It was above freezing however rain can turn into freezing rain. Spring teases you, winter still throws reminders that it is still alive.


  1. I have always found interest in that lonely barren tree...on the plain...growing from the cliffs edge...in the middle of a corn field...there is just something.

  2. This is why Albertan pioneers were crazy with their colours. I remember as a boy some of their homes painted in ghastly, garish colours. Colour means life on the prairies ... And the somber deathly grey of Alberta winter and early spring are depressing as hell...

    1. Great line "colour means life on the prairies". I wish I thought of that.