Saturday 12 March 2016

Spotted near Patricia, Alberta

Sometimes you see some weird stuff along the highway. Saw this February 27, 2016. Patricia is not far from Dinosaur Park where a number of dinosaur bones have been found. It was a little too foggy, misty, and hazy for decent photos.


  1. Oh dude, that's cool! My grandson would like that! I may print a poster size at Wally world for his bedroom wall, he likes Chuckie the doll, Ninja turtles, Dinosaurs, and Zombies..he is six...oh and drums and guitars and any kind of car or truck or gun, or sharp object, or just joshing ya...varied interests ya

  2. farmers have a sense of humor too

    1. I have relatives who farm. Farmers can have a nasty sense of humour. This roadside attraction had to take a bit of work.

  3. farmers have a sense of humor too