Monday 14 March 2016

French toast in Big Valley, Alberta

I needed a coffee and I just happened to be in Big Valley, Alberta on February 20, 2016. A friend and I stopped in at the Jimmy Jock Boarkwalk (named after a local resident) and stepped into the Boardwalk Bistro. We were the only ones there besides the owner.

The cafe is at the end of the boardwalk.

The menu is a simple one page photocopy. My friend ordered tomato soup and I ordered french toast. The lady took our order then went to the back and cooked it. The french toast was made from scratch. The tomato soup was homemade. Big Valley has about three hundred fifty residents. There used to be a rail line with regular train service, it has been torn up south of Big Valley. The line was kept for a tourist steam train they run in the summer between Stettler and Big Valley. The owner told us that if the train is full they might have four hundred people stopping into Big Valley doubling the population. We were the only customers during our lunch. The owner told us she is busy during the summer months and they are open seven days a week. I will have to come back in the summer.

You know the food has to be good if they have a rooster clock on the wall.


  1. Looks like a place with a lot of charm and character! Sounds like a lovely way to spend some time as well...Nice post. : )

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  3. French toast with melted butter and maple syrup - Mmmmmmm!