Tuesday 15 March 2016

Grist Mill at Delia, Alberta March 12, 2016

Recently I posted an abandoned grist mill north of Rowley, Alberta. Delia, Alberta which is south and east has a restored grist mill.

Per the sign:

"The New Ideal of Brantford Gould, Shapely & Co. This windpowered water and grist mill stands restored on the Delia Museum site.

The original mill and building (circa 1913 - 1916) was built on the homestead quarter section of Mr. William Reeves. NW 1/4-12-31-17-W4th.

Untold numbers of travelers from all over have inspected and photographed the mill where it originally stood on a knoll along highway 9, four miles east of Delia.

The mill pumped water and also ground grain for cattle and hogs and may also have run a fanning mill for the cleaning of seed grain or a saw for sawing logs. The 16' x 16' wooden structure enclosing the wooden structure also provided storage for the whole grain and the ground chop.

The original parts which were repaired and repainted are the wheel and fans, tail, gear works and the grinder, the roof was reshingled. The rest is a rebuilt replica of the original mill house."

The inside is restored. I will have to come back when it is open in the summer.

Windpowered water pump on the side.


  1. Would love to see and hear that working!

  2. I like it! Pretty sure I didn't even know what a grist mill was before 2016.