Friday 18 March 2016

Cash only lunch in Andrew, Alberta

Wever's Restaurant on March 5, 2016. Open from 6:00am until 2:00pm. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They only accept cash. This is small town Alberta. The restaurant is run by a "retired" husband and wife team. She is the waitress, he mans the kitchen. They moved out here from Edmonton. Andrew has less than four hundred people, the greater Edmonton area has close to one million.

The food was fine, the prices were just a little less than average. The couple has family in the area and have their one of their grandkids work in the restaurant. If I am ever back this way I will be sure to drop in again.

The place was clean, the food was good. My needs are simple.


  1. Like the clock on the back wall....

    1. How did I miss that? Now I may have to drive back just to get a photo for you.

  2. Good Eye Chickenmom! This reminds me of little places in the TN, they are called Meat N Threes..Each day the menu consists of 2 types of meat prepared, and a slew of veggies, or side dishes...and they write it all out on a huge white board, you select which protien, and which three veggies you want off the board. It is basic, country...but usually delicious fare. The price is typically about 5-6 dollars for the meal and you get a dinner roll and tea with it...not a bad deal. They are typically small homegrown places...comfortable, "How you doing?" hollered when you walk in the door kinda places...good places.