Tuesday 22 March 2016

Moyie Cemetery, Moyie, British Columbia

February 13, 2016. This spot is right beside Highway 3 barely west of Moyie on the side of the mountain.

The front of this says "Historic Moyie Tomb 1898". I was unable to find any more information on it. A very interesting site.

Highway 3 in the background.

Entrance to the cemetery. The highway is to the right.

Still in use. Someone had recently been clearing away some brush.


  1. Good spot to explore! Such a tiny town!

  2. I guess if you were to choose a final resting place, among those towering trees would be a most excellent choice. A song actually comes to mind as I look at these photo's. Ok, maybe not surprising...but...It Is Well With My Soul. Now, I have a new post to write...thank you BW! Inspiration.

  3. Love Moyie. So much mining history up there in the hills. Keeps these great posts coming.