Monday 11 May 2020

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Saint Michael the Archangel

A friend of this blog, Dale Redekopp, sent me the location for this place.

This is in the County of Smoky Lake, Alberta. It is a long abandoned church. I edited this photo a bit because there was graffiti on the side of the church. This building was important to people at one time, and hopefully it still is, and I hate seeing places like this vandalized. This is quite a small church.

Another friend, Michael Truman, supplied me with some information. The church was built during early the 1920's and opened in 1925, the first service was on December 4, 1925. The cemetery was established in 1916 and was named Shevchenko Cemetery. Early burials here were children who died in the flu epidemic of 1918.

A quick peek inside the door. Going inside did not cross my mind. This building could be quite unsafe and this was a solo trip.

There is a headstone right beside the church. This on the side not facing the road.

I did not see any markings on it on either side.

This will warrant a return visit. I wanted to take a look at the cemetery but it started raining and a cold wind came up. 


  1. That old headstone has been erased by time and so shall we all be some day.

  2. As I said earlier, It looks like your bell tower was actually the privy.

    1. You are wrong. I happened to revisit this place May 30, 2020 and it is definitely the remains of the bell tower.

  3. Another nice one! Sad that so many children died during the flu epidemic and are buried here.

  4. Very nice!! There is another church with the same name that I have been to! I guess there is lots named after St. Mike.

  5. Very cool looking old church. I'm glad you were able to obtain some information about the site as there are no remaining signs.