Sunday 3 May 2020

How was your week?

It is only early May and I will be glad to get this year over with.

I took my motorcycle to work this last week. The battery is not holding a charge so I have to keep charging it if I park it for more than a day. When I went to ride it home after work that day it was not tracking true, there seemed to be a bit of a wobble. I checked it a few times, the wobble was not a figment of my imagination, so I left it in the parking lot and caught a ride home. I was not going to possibly have a crash due to mechanical failure. The bike is now at a shop, after I someone towed in a trailer. The earliest they can look at it is May 19. I told them they might as well put in a new battery and install a windshield (since I cannot see out of the current one due to the marred surface) in addition to fixing the current problem. The way things are going I might get to ride it in June if I am lucky.

Yesterday I drove my truck out on a run to the countryside and of course I had to get a flat  tire.  I wound up changing the tire on a gravel road and found a tire shop in a nearby town that fixed my flat. I carry a full size spare. The tires on it are older and have enough tread however I have had enough flat tires in the last year that I am having all four replaced. In addition the truck needs, and will get, a brake job. More expenses. The money that I saved by not being able to do anything while self isolating is rapidly being spent. I had plans to spend it on other things. The truck is getting a new set tires.

In my mother's condo building there was some kind of pipe failure and water escaped. Her building is out of hot water for about a week as the hot water system needs to be fixed. Of course the leak had to be right by her parking spot so her car was removed. I think they towed it since it had a dead battery and a flat tire. On the plus side the local tire shop fixed the flat tire and replaced the battery, items that I had on my list to get done. She lives an hour from me and repair places were on reduced hours due to the pandemic issues so getting this done on a Saturday was not possible when I tried to do it. I was going to book time off to get her car taken care of however you can always expect the unexpected and things kind of worked out regarding getting her car fixed. Once her building issues are fixed I will pick up her car and get it back to her parking spot. Mom is still not driving.

My Ipad decided to exhibit signs of schizophrenia so I think it is toast. I have no idea what is wrong with it but I am backing it up and sometime in the future I will get a new one.

So I have two vehicles with tires issues, one with brake issues, and a motorcycle with various issues and throw the Ipad into the mix. Some days I feel like I cannot catch a break. Things should get better from here.


  1. Well, you know the old saying -- "it never rains but it pours." I hope your luck changes soon.

  2. That's quite a week. Definitely not the week to buy a lottery ticket.

  3. Oh that pesky black cloud that insists on following you around throwing down lightning bolts when you least expect it. For years it has sat right above our heads waiting til we had a little bit of money set aside and it would promptly hurl down that bolt and poof, so much for savings. I so feel for your Mom being without hot water because we recently went through it - not fun. And I'm sorry about all the vehicle issues - wow. That's more than any one man should have to deal with! Better days ahead I hope.

  4. Sorry to hear about your tsuris; I've arrived at a point where I light a candle to Murphy every day

  5. My week was pale in comparison. The only misfortune worth noting is the battery in my car decided to "give up the ghost," so to speak.

  6. tsuris

    Had to look that word up. Never encountered it before

    early 20th century: Yiddish, plural of tsore ‘trouble, woe’,