Sunday 31 May 2020

Surprise Cemetery

Abandoned cemetery in rural Saskatchewan located here: 50.339107, -109.968631

There must have been some more people here at one time. There is a farm not too far from this cemetery. Otherwise there is miles of empty space in every direction. There is no town anywhere close to here. The most recent burial I saw was 1943. There are a lot of unmarked burials.

Apparently the first church here was in 1924 and the last service was in 1956. The church was moved to Scandia, Alberta. 


  1. You put these photos up of a life that came & went & I always wonder why, what happened there?
    1943, the depression was a recent memory, the world was at war & the men were away fighting it. The food grown out on the plains was really needed.
    77 years later there is no one left to ask what happened here at the Surprise United Cemetery...

    1. Today, this Sunday in the year 2020 the Surprise United Cemetery in rural Saskatchewan is not forgotten!

    2. I wonder the same thing. I will have to ask to see if anyone I know can provide further information.

  2. I wonder how the name "Surprise" originated. Seems very whimsical, unless it was named for someone. However, I've never heard of anyone with a surname "Surprise," so I'm doubtful about that theory.

  3. I, too, am wondering at the origin of the name 'Surprise' - perhaps death came as a surprise? But then again, I suspect it always does!

  4. A cemetery without grave markers is not unusual but, to me, a cemetery without a fence of some sort seems very unusual. Maybe we just have a lot of fences in Alberta.