Thursday 28 May 2020

Abandoned Evangelical Cemetery, rural Saskatchewan

Southwest of Horsham, Saskatchewan. I do not know if there ever was anything at Horsham, there certainly is nothing of note now. This is kind of interesting in that there is another abandoned cemetery and the remains of a church just less than one kilometre down the road. This is one of those "middle of nowhere" places so you wonder why there would be two churches relatively close together.

There once was a church here. You can make out the foundation in the middle of the photo.

Off in the corner is a fenced off area with some headstones.

No idea how many burials there are here. This is the most readable headstone I could find and I suspect it is the most recent burial.


  1. I suspect a possible reason for the two churches being so close could have been because the congregation didn't get along and separated. Altho' it also could be two different denominations. Another thing to wonder about!

  2. I suspect two different denominations too. It's probably a wonder there were only two churches.

    1. I should have mentioned that the church down the road is a Lutheran Church. It is a different denomination.