Tuesday 26 May 2020

Estuary Ferry, Saskatchewan

Located at: 50.944869, -109.802879

I had to fit in at least one ride on a rural ferry this year. With COVID rules you are not allowed to get out of your vehicle while on the ferry. That takes a lot of the fun out of taking a ferry.


  1. I'd break the rule, BW. It feels good to break a stupid rule now and again.

    1. In my opinion the rule is stupid. If you are out of your vehicle you are in the open air and there is little chance of anything happening. I put up with it because I wanted to take the ferry and to get to where I wanted to go would add another hour if I had to backtrack. Sometimes you are stuck putting up with things.

  2. If anyone is ignorant enough to break the rule during the run, I hope the ferry operator immediately reverses the ferry and takes them back where they started from.

  3. Ferries are great fun. Too bad about the rules but at least you got the ride.