Friday, 28 September 2018

"She's Gone"

Remember this?

When I visited Easby School in March of this year I found that it had been stripped of its brick exterior and only a skeleton of the building remained...and a good looking skeleton it was too.

Fast forward five months to early August and all that remains is the foundation.

As blue-eyed soul-stylist Daryl Hall (along with John Oates) sang back in the 1970's, "She's Gone."

- Michael Truman


  1. In always wonder if the materials were recycled, or just plain stolen.

  2. I'm glad you got it when you did.

  3. That wood was well seasoned and a bit weathered... Probably coffee tables by now...

  4. Yeah, "barn board" is all the rage these days.

  5. Shame to see these disappear.

  6. As far as I know, the land owner had the building carefully dismantled. I have no idea where the bricks and lumber went but hopefully for a good cause...and by that, I don't mean a "barn board" rumpus room.