Tuesday 4 July 2017

Trying to capture a switchback

This is part of the paved road into Takkakaw Falls near Field, British Columbia on June 25, 2017. You can explore this road via Google Streetview. 

This is the top of the switchback. There was no place where I felt I could park at the bottom and get get photos without interfering with traffic. Vehicles over a certain length have to drive down to the first switchback, reverse down to the second, then drive forward.

Aerial view courtesy of Google.

A much easier way to travel up it is to ride a motorcycle.

View from the top off to the left.

Very top of the switchback.

Looking down you can see a bus that had driven up to the first switchback, reversed to the second, and is going to drive forward up the hill.

I tried to get a photo of the two turns. The road is a bit steep and the turns are sharp. The one turn is obscured by the tall tree on the left.


  1. Beautiful scenery but that switchback makes me quesy... I'm a terrible reverse driver... I'd be stuck...LOL