Tuesday 18 July 2017

Abandoned bridge in Saskatchewan July 15, 2017

On Highway 40 heading towards Krydor, Saskatchewan and I noticed this off in the distance. Naturally I had to stop and investigate. 

A section of the old highway just off the existing highway. They just left the bridge when the road was abandoned.

Canola field off to one side.

Attempt at the "art" shot.

View from the other side. You can see the old rail line. 

This section of road has been abandoned for a long time.


  1. Looks to be in great shape! It'll probably still be there a thousand years from now, to confuse future archeologists.

  2. There's a good number of these concrete arch bridges scattered across that province. When no longer needed they're often left in place being too expensive to demolish. I did most of the research for a piece presented by the SK government on the history of these things.

  3. A really nice series of pictures. Well done. BW.