Friday 28 July 2017

St. Laurent Ferry, Saskatchewan

Part of my July 15, 2017 road trip. I took this ferry after I took the Wingard Ferry. The St. Laurent Ferry crosses the South Saskatchewan River. 

There is a "T" intersection when you drive up to the ferry. I was about to turn to cross the ferry when I noticed a sign for the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine. So I drove a few miles up to road to take a look. The road into the shrine is dirt, sand, and soft. The place was packed. The annual pilgrimage was on that weekend. I was there long enough to get a photo of the church.  

The ferry operator was a nice guy. I mentioned that the operator on the prior ferry seemed to be in an unpleasant mood. He remarked that he knew who was on shift there that day. He said that he sees himself as a public servant, not a public slave, and that he enjoys the job. He told me a lot of ferry traffic is tourists and you want them to enjoy their trip in the province. All of the ferry operators I ran across that day were very friendly except for the one. 

Quick crossing. Less than ten minutes.


  1. Replies
    1. I need to get back here sometime and get a better look at the church.

  2. Neat Church BW. Too bad the one operator wasn't ferry nice.

  3. Public servant versus public slave. If more people in our governments throughout the west had this perspective it would be a much more pleasant world.

    To live in service to one another. Such a nice thought.