Sunday 23 July 2017

Ghost town Saskatchewan

This is an absolute ghost town. There are buildings, there are no people. I ran across this place sort of by accident. I was driving through a part of Saskatchewan and I spotted a grain elevator off in the distance. I thought I spotted the elevator at Feudal, Saskatchewan. I instead spotted the one at Bents. I did not go looking for Bents as I had read online that the elevator had burnt down. If that was the case I was not interested in seeing Bents. The elevator at Bents is still standing. Apparently the internet site I was reading got the elevator at Thrasher confused with the one at Bents. The one at Thrasher burned down earlier this year. 

I did not even think about walking in to see this place. I have read on various sites that this place is on private land and the owner has had to deal with a number of trespassers. I would have loved to get a closer look.

Bents is kind of oddly hidden by the landscape. From a distance you can see it perfectly. The gravel road runs north/south just to the west of the town. The town is off on an old trail a few hundred feet from the road. When you are on the road practically right beside it all you can see is the grain elevator, the rest is hidden by hills and a dip in the landscape. A rail line used to run right by the elevator.

This is looking north and zooming in from a fair distance south.

Below is an aerial screen capture from Bing Maps. From what I have read there are a few houses and a general store.


  1. Is it possible to find out who owns this site and ask permission to explore? This would be a place to spend hours poking about in the buildings.

  2. The second one would make a great print on stretched canvas. I love it.

  3. That aerial photo just makes me more curious...

  4. Any Bents questions, ask away. Know the fellow who owns the place, had a BBQ at his place, visited the town, with him, discussed the troubles he's had with trespassers, some who've done some bloody nasty things to the place and spoke with his Mom who was born there. Ask away...wait I already said that.