Wednesday 19 July 2017

A post on bloggers

A few bloggers I have read have stopped blogging or disappeared. It is one of those minor mysteries where you wonder what may have happened to them. On a certain level you feel that you start to get to know some of them.

I have corresponded with some. A few I have met. I have plans to meet a few more, it is a matter of pulling it off. There are some that I would like to meet.

To those who I read on a daily basis I look forward to your posts.


  1. Thank you. Some comments and a few personal emails have caused me to consider giving up blogging over the ten years I have been at it. Your last sentence comment makes things better fast.

  2. I have considered packing it in, especially when there is nothing going on in my life and I struggle to find something worth writing about. But then I remember how much I enjoy the comments and emails and I just have to continue. It is possible to make friends you have never met in person and that, more than anything else, keeps me going.

  3. I go back and forth debating myself whether I should stop blogging and just do Instagram... Instagram is easier but I really love reading blogs and figure if I like them others do too and the only way to have blogs to read is for someone to write them.

  4. Hey Mr. Bandy;

    I am still blogging, I find it therapeutic, and it keeps me out of Facebook Jail, Lol. I had thought about instagram, but blogging suits me better, I can tell a better story.

  5. I too have considered quitting blogging, but then I decide just a couple more, and it keeps on going. And I have made friends with people I would otherwise never get to know.
    There has been one blogger that I followed for years and then he died in an plane crash. It was like losing a good friend. I still reread his posts, such a wordsmith, such a huge loss. Neptunus Lex

  6. Hi BW,

    I'm still alive too. I shut down my blog and started a new one but have been reading here still - at least the past few days.

    I decided to mix my love of bloggin' with my work/business so I could make it pay at least a little. I was spending so much time writing and posting in a few places I figured I'd better make a bit of a switch to at least justify the time I spend doing it. I'm still pretty young and not ready to retire to a life of writing strictly for enjoyment yet.

    You can catch my new blog (where I will still be writing articles but with more of a slant to what I do for a living) at:

    In doing this I am officially doxing myself as I am now easily reached in meat space.

    I'll add a blog roll shortly to my header widgets and put you in it. Keep on keeping on!

    1. I have found your new blog and I have been reading it. Email me directly sometime.