Friday 14 July 2017

Saskatchewan ghost town

Bounty, Saskatchewan July 1, 2017. I took this road north off Highway 15 east of Rosetown, Saskatchewan. There are buildings and no people in Bounty. The first people were here in 1904 and a townsite was surveyed in 1910.

There are buildings, and as near as I could tell, no people living in Bounty. Practically every building has a "Private Property No Trespassing" sign

This is the front of the heavily overgrown church.

Side of the church.

Former school.

I think this was the main street.

Everything was empty and quiet. The experience was slightly eerie.

Took a quick video while I was there.


  1. That is just cool. A wee bit creepy, but cool nonetheless.

  2. BW. Not sure if you are aware of it but what you are doing here is important work to some of us. For those of us raised on the prairies who have emotional and familial ties to it you are doing a wonderful job of displaying, cataloguing and telling our story. You are a chronicler now. Please keep it up. I'm sending a link to your blog to the folks back in Nipawin.

    1. Thanks. You are giving me more credit than what I deserve. I just like to get out, experience a few things, and record a few notes about it in the process.

  3. Very cool BW..with my imagination I would have felt like I was being watched from one of those houses..even though they are empty. Probably.

  4. I could live there - it's beautiful - ghosts 'n all...

  5. There are some big trees in Bounty. Nice find, BW.