Monday 24 July 2017

Langemeade Church, Saskatchewan July 1, 2017

North of Paynton, Saskatchewan. I stopped here to look at the church. I thought this place was no longer in use. The church is in a rural area and there is no town nearby. I turned into the grounds and a number of people were here. They told me that the church had been moved onto a new foundation and was being restored. The church is over one hundred years old. I think there was some kind of family gathering going on so I took a few quick photos of the church and left.


  1. Always nice to see an old church still loved and used.

  2. Well now you have to go back in a year or two and see how the restoration went, BW.

    They refurbed one out where I grew up on the farm that had literally fallen to ruin. I went back 10 years later and the church was up and running, the graveyard was carefully manicured and cared for, and even one of the locals got buried there and has a stone.

    Maybe a fella CAN go home after all.

  3. This is good news. Everybody make a donation!

  4. Hi ! Attended this church many times over the years, and recently buried my uncle this summer there. Also attended local school. Walked the church aisle in June and remembered my youth