Sunday 2 July 2017

Pemukan, Alberta June 17, 2017

The only store here was built in 1922 and operated until 1957. There was a post office inside. This is a little east of Monitor, Alberta. There was a bit of a town here with a school and a grain elevator. Nothing really became of it. The store is in someone's farmyard and looks like it is all that remains.


  1. Someone's farmyard would be my grandfather, Raymond Ference.

  2. Can this picture be taken from the road without trespassing?

    1. Do not trespass.

      I took this from the road and did not set foot on the property. It is right beside the road. If you are going to take a photo of this I highly recommend that you be careful. I drove by this place a few years after this was taken so a friend could get a photo and the owner drove up and confronted me and was not happy that we took a photo. After a bit of conversation he was satisfied that we were not there to steal anything or case the place. He was a bit friendlier after that.