Thursday 8 December 2016

Waterton National Park, Alberta

Venturing into Waterton National Park on November 27, 2016 is the perfect time for me. The town is mainly a small summer place. After September the businesses start to close up and get boarded up. Nothing is really open year round here. Therefore if you go in November there is not a lot of people which means you can get a clear uninterrupted view of the Waterton Lake. Waterton National Park is on the Alberta/Montana border. The far end of the lake is in Montana. The lack activity at this time of year makes it an interesting visit. Waterton usually has high winds making it difficult to keep a camera steady.

Every time I come here I have to stop at Cameron Falls which is right in town. Normally in the summer months you would be trying to a clear shot without people in view. I am not unsocial, there are times I like to enjoy something by myself. Unfortunately this year there was road construction which closed access to Cameron Lake and Red Rock Canyon. Everything is supposed to be opened up again in May which means a return visit.

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  1. Waterton is always a go to place, and of course stopping at Twin Butte for lunch on the way is a bonus.