Tuesday 6 December 2016

Snowstorm December 4, 2016

Sunday morning I had thoughts of hitting the road for a quick trip to Canmore, Alberta. Saturday night when I turned in there was no snow on the ground and the temperatures were nice for this time of year. Sunday I phoned a friend in Canmore to ask if they had much snow and that I thought about heading out there. I was informed I might want to revise my plans. I looked outside and the weather report had an alert that a large part of Alberta was under a heavy snowfall warning. 

No Canmore trip. We received about four inches of snow and the roads were a mess until the plows attacked them. We can get some nasty storms here like anywhere else. Temperatures will be a daytime high of around minus fifteen Celsius for about the next ten days. On the plus side I really did not have to be anywhere.

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