Thursday 1 December 2016

An adventure of a different sort

A little bit of greatly condensed personal history.

In March of 2014 after twenty years of marriage I was served with divorce proceedings. The details are nothing that I am going to discuss on this blog as it is a personal matter. One of these days the whole matter will be settled and she and I will be legally free of each other. With luck she will find what she is looking for. When things are finalized I will bear the other party no ill will and she will not hear from me again. There is a reason why I mention this.

Since then life has been a bit of an adjustment. Right after I moved and started a job in a different town. New place, new people, new connections. Distance brings perspective. Someone once commented on this site that this blog might be construed as a way of finding myself. Depending on the day I think he may, or may not, be right. Road trips and exploration are a form of therapy. I could discuss my life with a therapist or I could take some trips, snap a few photos, and blog about it. I think I gain more doing the latter. I also learn a few things in the process.

Dating is a strange experience. There are a lot of people out there looking for a certain something. I hope they find it. Some never will. My grandmother used to say there is a lid for every pot and I would like to think she is right. The reality for most of us is that life is better as two. 

I met someone recently. This is the first time I made reference to her on this blog. She is fun to be with. She has a lot of the same interests I do and I enjoy her company. Life just seems better with her in the picture. She also thinks I am a great guy. Hopefully she never overcomes that delusion. The fun thing is that she loves to take photos as well as explore and I get to introduce her to my favourite spots and the two of us can check out some places that are new to both of us. 

This blog had an anniversary yesterday. I wanted to maintain an original post a day for two years and I managed to do it. Some posts were likely better than others. After two years I may relax the pace a bit. The fun thing about doing this is I have got to "meet" some interesting people and have a few email exchanges with them. As for the blog we will see what happens.


  1. Congratulations on your two year blog anniversary.

    And on your new adventure. That's the very best kind of adventure, you know.

  2. Two years of a post everyday? Wow! Plus a new girl friend.. Good for you, if you find the right person life is better.


  3. With all the miles in front of you, BW - you're eventually going to meet somebody that needs to be somewhere too!

    I hope this means much happiness (and a bigger motorcycle) in your future. :)

  4. Congrats on two years! I've enjoyed seeing your daily posts.

    And congrats on finding someone with like interests. I hope you have fun together.

  5. Having met the fabulous lady in your life, you my friend are a very lucky man. She is a beautiful person and great for you. Enjoy and keep up the great blog and photos.

  6. Congratulations on 2 years blogging...and with a post every day! What an accomplishment!!!

    I have most certainly enjoyed your offerings...thank you kind sir!

    No one knows where the road will take them, often times it is bumpy...I am happy that you have found a partner to cruise with...enjoy the ride!!!

    All the best to you!

  7. Congratulations on the blog and the positive changes in your life... divorce isn't easy... going through it is wonderful to find someone to share the things in life that you enjoy ...cherish every day... and keep taking pictures!!