Monday 12 December 2016

Promotional post

Take a moment and visit the following:

I know Ron personally and I really like his posts. I might be to blame for getting him into the blogging habit. He deserves more traffic than what he is getting.

Jenn has an interesting blog. Jenn needs to post more. Jenn needs more people to read her blog.

A blog that features chickens. How can you not like that? One of my favourites.

I do not visit this page as much as I should. When I do I usually learn something interesting. Great stuff.

Another personal friend of mine. I wish I got to experience all of the music he does. Whatever attention this page is getting it is definitely not enough. We need to meet up again sometime.

Always an interesting read. Reading her posts reminds me of times passed. Go visit.

I cannot explain why this site intrigues me. I really enjoy her posts.

Whatever his niche is I think he found it.

I am looking for this one to return to posting sometime. Helped promote my site and someone I would like to meet in person.

He needs no promotion from me as he gets lots of traffic. He is to blame for getting me into blogging. The author seems to be a guy totally different from his posts and given the chance I would like to meet him sometime.

Someone else that helped promote my site. Some fun stuff here.

I consistently get the most traffic coming from his site. If I ever meet him I will buy a few rounds to thank him. 


  1. Thanks BW! I also enjoy many of these blogs, thanks to you. I am working on a new post right now!!!

  2. Thank you, BW...I, too, enjoy some of the blogs you mentioned, but a couple of them I have not seen before. Looks like lots of interesting reading ahead.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout for :) I'm going to check out your links!