Monday 19 December 2016

Bulwark, Alberta December 15, 2016

Bulwark, Alberta is definitely a ghost town. No one lives here. At one time it had several businesses such as general stores, a post office, two churches, a hardware store, and a bank to name a few. There were even five grain elevators. The rail line is long gone and a few buildings and scattered junk remains.

The sign marks where the Bulwark School was. Bulwark School District 4265.

The building looks like a school. I am unsure if it was.

I was taking this photo and notice two huge owls on corner of the roof. One was a Snowy Owl, the other was a Great Horned Owl. I quietly raised the camera, zoomed in, framed the shot, pressed the shutter and the camera shut itself off due to no battery power. The owls flew off. I will never get another opportunity like that again. There was a new package of batteries in the car. Not that it helped me at the time. 

Miscellaneous junk and the remains of some buildings are all that is left.

The town is almost hidden by a few dips in the prairie landscape. Bulwark from a distance.


  1. Oh, that had to be frustrating to see those owls and have your camera fail you!

  2. The Photographers Code is never let your batteries go dead in the camera. That would have been a fantastic shot.