Wednesday 28 December 2016

Long distance Boxing Day voyager

For various reasons my mother did not make it to join the rest of us for Christmas Day. Therefore on Boxing Day I grabbed some coffee to keep me company and headed north for three hours to pay a visit. It seemed like the right thing to do. I always thought Christmas Day was for family and Boxing Day was for visiting anyway.

The parts of Alberta where I live and needed to travel were recently hit by a snowstorm. Some areas got as much as ten inches. There were numerous cars off the road from the prior three days. People were in various states of digging themselves out and setting up for things to get back to normal. The main highway was fine, the side roads were not as fine. Patience is key. I had an odd Christmas, I made good use of the time to turn off my thoughts and drive.

I checked in on mom to make sure everything was fine with her. Mom turned seventy-five this year. My sister talks with her on an almost daily basis. Instead of phoning I try to visit as I do get concerned about her. Seeing someone in person tells you more than a phone call. My sister had more family responsibilities than I do and I do not mind making the drive. Mom had dinner plans which she could have cancelled. Every time I visit lately she is cancelling plans with her friends when I arrive. I felf guilty and I had a long drive back. I told her to keep her plans and we would meet up again soon.

Range Road 71 north of Buck Creek, Alberta

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