Tuesday 20 December 2016

Bulwark Cemetery December 15, 2016

The cemetery is the only permanent thing that remains of Bulwark, Alberta. It is a little north of Highway 599 east of Castor, Alberta. You can see the ghost town of Bulwark from the cemetery. The sign beside  Highway 599 pointing the way to the cemetery is ridiculously small.

The cemetery itself is well looked after. It if was not so cold I would have taken a good walk around. My hands and camera were feeling the cold in minutes.

The big marker is there to remember the people who settled this area. A lot of the words were covered in snow and ice.

I am not sure if it is still in use. Some headstones looked recent. A return visit in the summer is on the list.

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  1. I hope you go again in the summer. My great uncle, James Gordon Fitzgerald is buried there. I would dearly love to see a photo of his grave and his gravestone if you can find it! If you do, please contact me at trishymouse (a) gmail (dot) com - Thank you!