Friday 2 December 2016

Lundbreck Falls November 27, 2016

This is near just off Highway 3 just a bit west of Lundbreck, Alberta. It is a not a big falls. This is one of my favourite spots and I make a point to stop here. I keep trying with photos in the hope that someday I might get it right. I may have succeeded this time.

There is no snow on the ground in very late November and no snow in the immediate forecast. The rocks at the base of the falls had a micro-thin coating of ice making them slick to walk on. It would have been less hazardous later in the day instead of coming here at ten in the morning. Some things are just worth the risk. 

I tried the "art" shot of the bridge which is a stone's throw down from the falls.


  1. Beautiful scenery and great pictures.

  2. Very picturesque spot... I can see why you like it...nature at its finest.

  3. In the Pass a lot. And each visit, for an hour or two when I have time to burn, I stake out a spot by the falls, hoping to catch them with a train in background. It's never happened yet but I'll keep trying. One day!

    Love that concrete bridge. Nice angle.

    1. For some reason I have never caught the train on the bridge either.