Tuesday 6 December 2016


It does not look like much after our snowstorm. The four inches of snow that fell drifts, gets plowed, shoveled, and then we are ready for the next one. We are in the midst of a cold snap with overnight temperatures flirting with minus thirty degrees Celsius. Add wind to that and it is definitely cold.

Years ago when I was in Edmonton during a hot July I ran across three people that just moved to Edmonton from Singapore. Conversation turned to Alberta winters and they wanted to know how cold it could get in Edmonton. I have experienced minus forty-five degrees Celsius in Edmonton, and colder temperatures in other places. They asked me if they shut down the city when it got that cold. I said no, we still go to work. They were incredulous and I could tell they did not believe me. All I could do was tell them they would find out.

I have likely mentioned that encounter before. I have sympathy for anyone who moves here from some hot place and experiences this kind of culture shock. Winter here can be unpleasant. The neat thing about living in this part of Alberta is a Chinook might come through and erase all signs of winter. 

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