Sunday 18 December 2016

Drive by visit: Netherby School

I took some advantage of some free time on December 15, 2016 to take a run out to the countryside. I felt the need to get out for a run. It was a dumb idea. The weather was damn cold. I was looping my way back when I remembered this school kind of near Hanna, Alberta. I had been here before last summer and I heard rumours that it was demolished. It was good to see it was how I remembered it. It is abandoned. This building was used to film scenes in a movie "Why Shoot The Teacher?".

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  1. The Netherby school was closed as an educational institution about 1964. "Why Shoot The Teacher" was filmed in 1976. The movie was set in 1932, so I feel the interior looked a little "too modern" for an impoverished rural area at the time.
    The whole movie can be seen here: