Tuesday 3 May 2016

The miniature horse post

Near Drayton Valley, Alberta on April 30, 2016. My cousin has a friend who in turn owns a number of miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, and three llamas. They all seem to be pets.

The baby is just four days old when this was taken. The mother is very protective so I took a lot of photos and scrapped a lot of photos as my subject did not want to cooperate. There are fifteen chickens in the background of this photo. I did not take any chicken photos as that belongs to another blogger.

Mother and daughter taking a sprint in the pen.

This little girl is damn cute.

I like donkeys and mules. This one would let me get close and give it a scratch behind the ears. As soon as I stepped back to get a photo the donkey would do anything to ruin the shot. It was being stubborn or thinking it was funny or possibly both.

After repeated failed attempts this was my best donkey photo. 

Of course this being the internet I had to eventually post the obligatory cat photo.


  1. That little horse is so stinkin' cute! As is her Mama. And you just have to love a donkey with personality! Made me smile.

  2. I want one of each of those cuties! Missed the chicken pics, though...

  3. I think I just fell in love! Jessie, asked me if we could get a horse....I found one I would willingly say yes to! I want to see the chickens too...; P