Sunday 8 May 2016

Highway 40 April 17, 2016

Highway 40 is a largely gravel highway that runs along the foothills near the Rocky Mountains. This part of Highway 40 is due west of Caroline south to where you can turn off east to Sundre and back to civilization.

Possibly wild horses. There were about ten of them.

The Red Deer River. There was extensive flooding here in July 2013.

I had to go to the foothills to see some greenery. The prairie where I live is starting to turn from the colour of rust to green.

My friend Ron thought it would be amusing to get me while I was absorbed in taking photos.


  1. These are great, I did not see the horses at first..what a lovely surprise! Beautiful scenery. It's good to put a little "you" into it every now and

    1. I confirmed with some people that there are wild horses in the area. I will reserve judgement about putting more me on the blog.