Saturday 14 May 2016

Lake Louise Station April 23, 2016

Lake Louise Station, Lake Louise, Alberta. I did not know this spot existed and I have been to Lake Louise several times. Not much information at the site. I turned down a side road because I wanted to look at a bridge I spotted. Going down that road I saw the station which is much more interesting. 

I am guessing the building that looks like a train station is on the site where the original train station was. The building is a restaurant that is not open until mid May. The train cars were not open. I am not sure if you can tour them. It certainly looks like you can. You can see old train stuff inside the trains from the wood walkway. I would have liked to get some pictures of the inside. There are satellite dishes on top of the trains so someone might be using them. The current rail line runs beside this section of preserved track. Another spot I will have to revist.


  1. Great photo's, looks like a place to return to when during open you find some really interesting things.

  2. What a neat place to visit! I would love to see what the inside of those train cars are like.

  3. Neat place. I found their website. Looking forward to your next visit.

    1. So am I. I just love going to Lake Louise.

  4. Trains!!!! You just have to go back!