Sunday, 29 May 2016

Gimlet Missionary Church May 8, 2016

Sometimes you find stuff totally by accident. This is near Gimlet, Alberta. There is a hall and rodeo grounds at Gimlet and nothing else. It has the look of an old schoolhouse. The sign says it was established in 1933 so it may have always been a church. Some old schools were repurposed as halls and churches. I could not find any quick information. Maybe someone will stumble across this post and provide some background.

I really did not feel like hopping a well built barbed wire fence to get a closer look. I did not want to open the road gate either. There was no small gate for people. 


  1. It looks to be very well maintained. Even the fencing doesn't look very old...or maybe I should say updated. I like the signage on the church. Would that be stamped metal?

    1. I believe it is a sheet metal roof.

    The roof looks to be fairly new, though.