Thursday 5 May 2016

A few minutes in . . .

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta on April 9, 2016.

There are walking trails throughout and there are petroglyphs and pictographs here. I did not bother taking the trails to look for them. I briefly stopped as I was on my way to see if anything remained of a ghost town in the area. I had never been here before and I will have to make a return trip. It is a very unique place. It is very close to the US border although you are going to have to do a bit of driving to get to a border crossing.

You can barely make out the Milk River.

You can see the Milk River in the lower centre of the picture. Across the river is where the original NWMP outpost was. Before the RCMP became the RCMP they were the North-West Mounted Police, then the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, then the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They first arrived here in 1887.

The Milk River is in the far background.

I was walking by this formation when I felt I was being watched.

A local resident was keeping an eye on me.


  1. What an interesting place. Desolate but beautiful.

  2. BW are you anywhere near the wildfires ?

  3. Dang! No G/E street view. :o(