Friday 27 May 2016

Fertile Plains Cemetery

West of Maleb/Conquerville, Alberta May 14, 2016. Conquerville was also known as Maleb. The Spanish Influenza devastated many families in the area. There was a bit of a rebound. The school closed in the 1980's due to lack of enrolment. There is not much in the area now. 

The marker says it was erected in 1975. The known graves are from 1912 to 1932. There are at least seventeen graves. Not all of them have headstones. One is unknown. There are two sets of unnamed twin boys that I guess died in infancy. Two other unnamed babies are listed. It is a big plot of land for the number of people interred. I think they thought the area would be more successful with more people settling in the area.

Mrs. Martin Brustad.

This one has been lost to time.

Except for the gate and marker in the centre you would almost miss this driving by.


  1. Mrs. Martin Brustad's is really beautiful. I like the stonework. It does seem to be a rather large area with so few..not to be disrespectful, but the rest got out alive.

  2. Wonder if any of family is left to come back and visit.

  3. I do believe one set of twins are my grandfathers brothers/ Gustaf Carl and Josephine Tekla Halls children.