Friday 13 May 2016

It is damn hard to get a Canada goose to pose

Near Banff, Alberta April 24, 2016. I was about four feet away and being actively ignored.


  1. Title made me's are fantastic!

  2. If there were little ones around, you would NOT have been ignored! Great pics!

  3. You just learn to talk Gooseineese!

  4. I was at a park near L. Tahoe early one morning, sitting quietly at the picnic table enjoying a cup of coffee. A flock of Canadian honkers landed nearby and commenced to scrounge around in the weeds. The sentry goose soon noticed me and waddled over for a closer look.
    I remained motionless as he got within arm's reach, and scrutinized me from various angles.
    As he returned to the flock, I let out a couple of distinct quacks.
    He froze, then turned, stretched up to full height and spread his wings. Ruffled his feathers and returned to his buddies.
    About 15 minutes later they all flew away and I poured myself another cup of coffee.