Monday 16 May 2016

Church in Compeer, Alberta April 2, 2016

I believe this started out as a United Church and is no longer being used. This is a guess based on some quick internet searches. Compeer is a very small place and there was no one to ask when I drove through. It is a great looking church that could use a little care. If you look you can see the chimney in back is secured by a line to the roof. There are some nasty winds in this part of Alberta. To be fair there are nasty winds in just about any part of this province. It was locked which is to be expected. The town is on the verge of ghost town status. I hope the church survives.

This is in back of the church. A friend of mine informed me it is a hand pump with a jack shaft reducer for a gas motor.

The bell is still in the tower.


  1. What a lovely old church. It needs a congregation.

  2. Beautiful building - look at all those roof shingles! 'Hope someone can fix her up again.

  3. I really like this old place...looks to have lots of character. Vicki is right...needs a congregation.

  4. It is a lovely church and was supplied by summer students from the United Church into the 1980's, who also looked after the church in Loverna, due south on the other side of the border in Saskatchewan. The manse - which still appears to be standing - had no running water and an outhouse. As the farms continued to get bigger, the grain elevators were torn down, and the area depopulated the local garage closed, and then post office, and general store. There was no one left to congregate or to look after the building.

    1. My husband was one of the summer students. We lived in the manse, and shared the outhouse with the Saturday night curling club party goers. Not fun on a Sunday morning getting ready for services in Compeer, Esther & Loverna! At that time, the population was 73. We increased it to 75...

  5. My great grandpa built the churches steeple