Saturday 7 May 2016

Masinasin Cemetery April 9, 2016

Travel down Highway 500 in Alberta towards Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park and you should see this on the left. There is really nothing left of Masinasin and until recently there was not much to the cemetery. Someone made it a project to do some restoration work. There is a newer sign and crosses. A number of the graves are unknown.

Except for the restoration work you would not know there was a cemetery here. There is not much about the history of Masinasin. There was once a school, post office, and a church. 

Phoenix Earl Foss March 2, 1915 aged one day.

Amanda Bell 1845-1909.

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  1. Someone must have cared about that baby to put up such a nice stone and fence. Reminded me of my grandpas sister who died at 8 months of age. Broke her mothers heart to leave her gravesite to move from NY to MN.