Tuesday 17 May 2016

Fighting the fog on the Smith Dorrien Spray Trail

April 24, 2016 excursion. The first few photos are Lake Minnewanka just barely north of Banff, Alberta. The day started out foggy and continued that way.

The Smith Dorrien Spray Trail runs south from Canmore, Alberta through mountains and meets up with Highway 40 and pavement. The trail is all gravel. The first part was very foggy and visibility was about a car length. I say that because you could see the car ahead of us and that was it. I have heard there are some great views along the first part. Not that I could see them. The fog eventually lifted in places. I had hoped to see bear, moose, anything really. Perfect area for it however no wildlife made an appearance.

The road is perfectly fine to drive a car on. The fog ran interference through the day. I got a few photos. I thought I would post one of my less successful forays. Not all of them turn out how you would like.

Side trail off the gravel highway.


  1. Beautiful photos, BW. I could sit by that lake and just watch the fog roll by....

  2. If you consider this a "less" successful day....I am not sure quite what to say, because these are really quite lovely...and I would sit right there with Chickenmom, and watch the fog roll by!