Thursday, 29 October 2020

Tired . . .

I have been damn tired lately. Maybe it is the time of year.

Last Saturday I did some minor stuff that needed to be done and felt absolutely exhausted. Went to bed early and slept for about twelve hours. That is rare for me. Usually I find it impossible to sleep in or sleep for more than six or seven hours. A lot of times it is less.

On Sunday I forced myself to basically do nothing. I thought that I might be rundown so I dedicated my Sunday to a day of rest. I did not even leave my home. The most ambitious thing I did was laundry. I was able to quickly remind myself that I have a very hard time not doing anything and I get bored easily. I need to work on that.

I am a bit more energetic this week. It is likely the world these days is tiring. Putting up with all the day to day events is stressful and over time it wears you out. May the interesting times we are living in come to an end soon.


  1. You know, one symptom/side effect of Covid is fatigue and loss of energy.

  2. It might be some form of sleep disorder; mild, temporary, or the beginning of one, like sleep apnea.

  3. I've felt the same thing, unexplained fatigue, getting worn out after climbing a flight of stairs... after a blood test, apparently I'm anemic. Time to pump some iron... into my blood.

  4. Keep an eye on it and if it continues, better get it looked at. Hopefully it's just a symptom of the season change. Take care!